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2013年01月23日(水)5:00 PM

We specialize in handling opals imported from Australia and sell international customers.
We mainly focus on loose stones, but also sell rough and rub materials.
We deal in a wide range of opals from low to high quality.
We can offer colorful loose opals at reasonable prices, either directly from our local partners in Australia or by purchasing rigorously selected, good-quality gemstones in bulk and processing them under the expert eye of opal polishing craftsmen who undertake opal cutting and polishing work in our own workshops.
We supply the Japanese market with good quality opals at prices equal as local Australian mine wholesale prices.
Regrding loose stones we have varieties range of opals from US$10 to around US$100000 per piece.
Rough and rub materials price range is from US$10 to around US$20000.
Please do not hesitate contact to us by email if you have any question.

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